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Do I really need a high-specs laptop?

The answer is, it depends. It depends on a lot of factors. Out of them, the most important one is the job you're going to do on it. And, another one is your desire - a strong desire. If you want to buy an Apple MacBook Pro just for Web development, just because you want it, then go for it. But, In my opinion, it's not an economically-balanced decision.

So, that's something I am here to discuss with you. The need for high-spec laptops differs from job to job.

So, let's start with the laptop needs of college students, and we will end-up with the laptop needs of professionals.

For Engineering students like Mechanical, Chemical, Computer, Electronics, and many more, You have only two choices. First, You go with an entry-level machine for the college period and then buy a high-specs one for your job. And the second one is that you make first time investment for both your college and profession.

In my opinion, Rather than wasting money two times, you should make a one-time investment. For example, If we talk about chemical engineering students, then in Chemical Engineering, there are many tasks involved like process design and simulation than just a production. So, According to Thanalysis, both students and professionals will come in a contact with Chemical Engineering-specific software like DWSIM, AspenPlus, CFD, Flow-3D, ANSYS, and many more.

And all of that software requires a minimum of Intel Core i7 CPU, and some of them specifically need to have an NVIDIA GPU. Hence, buying an Apple Macbook Pro is seem unworthy here. So, you need a laptop that meets the chemical engineering requirements. I have found a well-written article on Thanalysis on the Best Laptops for Chemical Engineering Students and Professionals. The author has described the list based on the specs and capabilities the machine does have. I believe you should read it before buying a laptop.

For Photo Editors and Drawing-Artists, It's a very complex task to choose the machine according to the job. Since both belonging professionals have to deal with the screen. Here, the processor does matter, but the display weighs first and more. Nowadays, laptops have a touchscreen display and even with an improved display refresh rate, nits, and color reproduction. So, by considering all of that, there are almost 16 things that the photo editors and drawing-artists need to focus on.

In an Android Development, the developer will be mostly using Google's Android Studio to develop apps. Before the app goes live, it has passed many coding lines, testings, bug-fixing, and analysis. During the development, you might not have a dedicated mobile device of different resolutions for testing the app's layout and working.

Hence, you have to go for emulators. Emulators need a dedicated GPU to run smoothly. In addition to that, SSD also plays a major role in loading the project files. Sometimes, you may need to open more than two projects and work in parallel which requires at least of 8GB of RAM.

Although, my experience tells that android development only works smoothly in parallel projects when you have at least 8GB of RAM. So, for that, I found the solution on Thanalysis where the author has written an article specifically on the laptops for programming. It's not telling you the specs only, but also the job the laptop is capable to do.

In Web Development, you need to work with the following, a text editor, a web browser, and any server like Apache if installed. Here, you're not going to run any GPU-intensive tasks like emulators, like in the case of android programming. Here, the laptop's internals will be dealing with browser tabs, plugins of text editors, graphics editing software like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw. Sometimes, MS office also.

And, in my experience, of web development, I found Google Chrome is the best web browser for testing the website's design and layout. Also, Chrome is the most widely used web browser nowadays in India and other parts of the world (69.7% on Desktop, according to StatCounter, as of today, I am writing this article). Also, almost many mobile queries searched on Google are from Google Chrome (Almost 65% on Mobile, according to StatCounter, as of today, I am writing this article). So, your website must be able to run well-look on it. But, it has one major con also.

Google Chrome consumes more resources than any other web browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many more. So, laptops under 50,000 that probably have a 4GB of RAM was never enough for me with multiple tabs opened. In addition to that, PhpStorm of JetBrain runs different plugins to improve the performance. But, I was lagging a lot. So, I recommend going for laptops under 70,000. For web development, you don't need a high-specs programming laptop.

In addition to that, Always consider buying the machine with a thunderbolt or a Type-C port. Many developers during programming use multiple displays.

So, for now, this is the end of this article.

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